Carry out a patch test and strand test


Before dyeing your hair, take a small strand from a less noticeable part of your head

Keep the product on for 5-10 minutes

Check if you like the color and saturation levels. Adjust the dyeing time based on your desired color and intensity.


To create the best canvas for your color,
we recommend lightening your hair to light blonde.

The more pumps, the more intense the color results, We recommend using the product with conditioner.
If vour hair is longer than chin length or thick and you want vibrant halr color.
we recommend using two packs or more



Gloves, Applicator brush, and Bowl. Please cover all surfaces you do not want to stain



  • 1 Fill a bowl with 100ml of your own conditloner, if your hair is longer than chin length or thick you can add more conditioner.
  • 2 Add desired amount of drops to the conditioner using the recommended shade color chart.
  • 3 Mix the drops and conditioner together until the color is consistent
  • 4 Wear protective gloves for application
  • 5 Do a strand test before applying the color all over to ensure you love the look.
  • 6 Divide your hair into 4 equal sections and apply color evenly. Begin at the root of the hair and work it evenly through to the ends
  • 7Comb evenly through the hair to achieve an even color result.
  • 8Leave for up to 30 minutes.
  • 9 Rinse hair well with lukewarm water until the product has been washed out.To prevent color bleeding,make sure hair is completely dry before sleeping.


Use the hair level chart to determine your base color!

This standardized system categorizes hair color by levels, with lower numbers indicating darker shades. Knowing your current level and the desired level helps you choose the perfect shade. Refer to the chart identify your starting color


  • What is COLORLOMO Artist Color Drops, and how does it work?

    COLORLOMO Artist Color Drops is a highly pigmented color concentrate designed for creating personalized hair color. Simply mix it with your favorite conditioner to achieve the desired shade and intensity.
  • How long does the color last?

    Color washer out in 2-12 washes. The longevity of the color depends on factors such as your hair's porosity and the amount of usage. Generally, the color will last through several washes, allowing you to enjoy your new look for an extended period.
  • Can I mix different colors to create a unique shade?

    Yes, one of the fantastic features of Artist Color Drops is their mixability. Feel free to experiment and blend different colors to achieve a customized shade that reflects your style.
  • Can I use Artist Color Drops on natural hair?

    For optimal results, it is recommended to use Artist Color Drops on hair that is dark blonde or above. This ensures the vibrant shades appear true to color and achieve the desired result.